About The Resort

The White is a destination in itself. Located off the Agonda Beach, rated as one of the finest beaches in Asia, this resort is a one-of-a-kind residence for those who want to experience the heart of the ocean and the art of relaxation. There is very little left to the imagination as you spot the beautiful white cottages designed to fit your idea of a beach holiday. Lush palms and coconut fronds give way to the wooden huts that contrast perfectly with the baby blue sky and the white beach sands.

The Story of The White

Born out of a boundless imagination, love for Goa, and Agonda in particular, The White is a long-standing dream of the founders, that has met reality. Goa, in their own words, was always a haven of sorts. A destination where they found the magic of reaching their own idea of paradise. Agonda, then, naturally became the first choice when they decided to breathe life into their lifelong dream of owning a resort. At this beach, rated the finest in Asia, The White stands for everything that this team of dreamers treasures about the beaches of Goa, and the life that one can weave around them. From the little artifacts that grace the lobby of the resort to the colors that the cottages are painted with, each little detail has been carefully handpicked to offer you a stay unlike any other. At every corner, you are sure to find little souvenirs that embody the idea and the love that has gone into building this getaway.

The Daisy

The White Resort is essentially a place of happiness, it is an abode that provides you with multiple opportunities to find your own happy place. The daisy is a perfect symbol of this rewarding quest. Traditionally, it has been known to be a symbol of innocence, purity, and cheerfulness. The daisy, was thus, the perfect representation of everything that The White holds close to its heart.