Dive into Goa's culture

At the White Resort, we help you to explore Goa's vibrant culture, rich history and enjoy locally curated experiences. We at the White, promote the Goan ethos and encourage all our guests to visit and experience the 'real' Goa. Despite being the smallest state in India, Goa and the Goan people have always been everyone's favourites largely due to the way of living here, fondly described as 'susegaad' which literally means 'laid-back'. The influence of over 450 years rule of the Portuguese on Goan lifestyle, architecture, culture and cuisine has resulted in a way of living that could be described by a proud Goan as an enviable blend of Indian and European lifestyles. During your stay, in addition to the popular and must-visit sites, we hope to guide you in your planning to experience the less frequented parts of Goa for local cultural experiences that are highly underrated and not popularly known.

Activities in and around Agonda

Surfing, Kayaking & Paddling

Agonda Beach is one of the safest beaches for activities such as surfing and swimming. Due to the gradually sloping sea shore, one can safely swim when the tide is good. A couple of surf shops line the lane leading to the hotel. Kayaking in the sea and nearby rivulets is another exciting option. Guests can get in touch with us for booking surfboards prior to their arrival during season time.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Located about 14 kms from the hotel, the rich biodiversity of this protected reserve is a treat to wildlife and nature lovers. You can treat yourself to the sightings of the wild Gaur (bison), leopard if lucky. Numerous species of birds are a common sight through the thick tropical forest as you drive, biker walk through the sanctuary's designated routes and trails. To know more and visit the waterfall deep into the reserve, contact us so that we can plan your trip before you arrive.

Sites to visit....

Old Goa Churches

The Old Goa Church complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Old Goa city was founded on the banks of the river Mandovi by the Bijapur Sultanate in 15th century. The churches date back to 1594 constructed by the Portuguese a century into their rule of Goa. The complex houses three churches namely Basilica of Bom Jesus, Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assisi and Se Cathedral. The Basilica contains the remains of the famed missionary St. Francis Xavier. This is a must-visit for your trip to Goa. Old Goa Church tours can be booked through us for convenience prior to arriving at the hotel. Taxi or self-ridden bikes can be easily arranged by us. Since the site is around 70 kms from the hotel, we recommend guests to club this day trip with some site seeing on foot around Ribandar, a beautiful nearby river edge village with good Goan restaurants.

Tambdi Surla Temple and Mollem

The Tambdi Surla Temple dates back to 12th century when Goa was ruled by the Kadamba Dynasty. The temple is a pure architectural rock marvel dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The intricate carvings lining the temple walls are full of stories and will definitely pique an art lover's attention. Mollem is a hinterland rural village that is heavily forested and is the home of the famous Dudhsagar Waterfalls & Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary. From the White, Mollem is around 2.5 hours by car and thus, we suggest our guests to consider this as a full day trip. Taxis are organised by us that will take the guests and bring them back after an entire day's adventure filled outing.

Aguada Fort & Candolim

The Aguada Fort is a Portuguese Architectural marvel built over 400 years ago. This citadel's laterite masonry is still intact and a real delight to appreciate. Situated in Candolim, one of the busiest night life area of Goa, guests can combine a historic visit with a fun-filled music laden evening. Pop-up Saturday night market in Candolim is a bohemian shopper's paradise for travellers. This is a good one day visit for those wanting to experience the busy nightlife of Goa. A full day is required to visit the fort and explore Candolim.

Live and breathe Goa with Soul Travelling

Soul Tavelling is a one-of-a-kind experiential day tour guiding company curated by passionate explorer Varun Hegde. Soul Travelling offers unique and offbeat experiences of various villages and cities of Goa from a perspective of a passionate and hardcore traveller. From culinary delights to Goan houses to traditional cultural and occupational practices, every day-tour is led by interesting local guides with deep knowledge of the specific area. We strongly recommend our guests to choose Soul Travelling to explore Goa like never before. Guests may visit the official website of Soul Travelling for more details by clicking above.. The hotel can co-ordinate pick-up and drop facility for the guests including date selection.

The Cazulo Experience

Cashew Feni is a local beverage delicacy made from an indigenous method of fermentation of the cashew fruit. Cazulo is one of the finest local brands of the feni and its proprietor Mr. Hansel Vaz curates a unique experience of witnessing the extraction and fermentation process at his local farm facility followed by a gorgeous local meal and the best feni. This is a must-visit for guests who love to witness a local drink in the making. The White organises pick-up and drop facility including booking this tour subject to availability.

The White Resort is located in Agonda village of Canacona Taluka in South Goa. It is approximately 61kms from Dabolim Airport connected by daily flights to Goa from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other major Indian cities. We recommend pre-booking a cab with us or directly booking the pre-paid taxi service at Dabolim airport. Day taxi rate: Rs. 2,000; Late night (post 9pm) taxi rate: Rs. 2,000 + Rs. 200/hour.*

*Kindly note that rates are subject to change as per govt. and taxi union regulations.

Agonda is a well-known peaceful destination for tourists from over 100 countries. Most international flights except those from Dubai/Abu Dhabi have a halt at one of the major Indian airports before proceeding to Goa via a domestic carrier. Hence, the means of getting here by taxi (pre-paid at the airport or through us) is the best option. Day taxi rate: Rs. 2,000; Late night (post 9pm) taxi rate: Rs. 2,000 + Rs. 200/hour.*

*Kindly note that rates are subject to change as per govt. and taxi union regulations.

Driving to Goa has its own thrill and for a true roadster, major inter-state route from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore offer wide stretches of greenery and hills. Agonda is around 630kms from Mumbai (journey time: approx. 12 hours); 588kms from Bangalore (journey time: approx11.5 hours); and 700kms from Hyderabad(journey time: approx: 15 hours). Roads are usually in good shape after the post-monsoon road works. 

India on rails is more like a travellers’ tale romanticised across movies, documentaries and novels. One can witness the incredible diversity of India as the trains cover vast distances across multiple states. Goa is well connected by rail to almost all major states. Kindly note that there are two stations in Goa: The Margao Railway Stop (36kms/1 hour drive) and the Karmali Rail Station (66kms/2 hours drive). Taxis are readily available from both these stations although we’d recommend choosing a train that stops at the Margao Station for a cheaper and more convenient taxi service to Agonda. We can also pre-book a taxi for you from either stations at the ongoing taxi fare.