The colors
of the
white resort

The colors
of the white resort

White - The symbol of peace, serenity, purity, and the confluence of all colors in the prism. It is these precise values that ‘The White Resort’ embodies. Each nook is a utopia and each corner is a piece of heaven. Each path leads to your own personal ‘Nirvana’. Inspired from the blue beaches of Santorini and the calm exuberance of Bali, it combines the best of both worlds.


Located right on the beaches of Agonda, Goa, The White Resort is a stunning and quiet respite from the regular. One that feels like home, but better. The peace and tranquility of the surroundings will enchant you as soon as you enter. The resort is located at the confluence of two wildlife sanctuaries. Here, you can witness a truly different side of Goa!

  • Exclusivity Only 14 cottages for the select few
  • Serenity An ambience that offers peace of mind
  • Connectivity Free Wi-Fi available across the resort


Imagine looking at the azure waters, and sipping your favorite beverage as the silver sands caress your feet. Seems like an ideal way to dine, right? You can experience all this and more at The White Resort! We pride ourselves on serving the best of world cuisine made with fresh ingredients and utmost finesse. The best part is you can take in the entire sensory experience as you sit out on our specially designed cabanas, seaside bar or at a table reserved just for you!

The Neighbourhood

The quiet beach of Agonda rests on the southern coast of Goa. It is one of the few places whose beauty has been left untouched. Surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries on either sides, it is uniquely blessed to offer you the best and admirably, the most versatile side of Goa. It is the perfect place for sunbathing, relaxation, and wellness. Located right between the slightly more popular Benaulim and Palolem beaches, it makes for a perfect getaway from the crowds. The neighborhood is graced with locals milling about their work, colourful houses, and a serenity that you long for.